Thursday, August 23, 2012

World's Best Lasagna

This recipe needs no instructions from me. I didn't come up with the idea of this recipe. I... Googled it. Apparently to John Chandler, this is "World's Best Lasagna" and it must be since it ranked #2 in my search. BUT to be HONEST... it wasn't the best. But close. Wanna know how I would make it better?
First off, don't mind this mess. Second... I would make this recipe a little better by:
  • Not adding Italian sausage to the meat sauce- I've never been a fan of mixed meats or the Italian sausage taste in lasagna.
  • Add more ricotta cheese versus the meat sauce ratio. Everything tastes better with cheese.
  • Add some of your own spices like Basil and Garlic (no one can ever have too much garlic- until you start smelling like one).
  • Add some vegetables, that might sound interesting
Click link to view the "World's Best Recipe"

Do you have any good lasagna recipes? I'd LOVE to know!

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