Wednesday, November 7, 2012

no recipe holiday peanut brittle

hi. This is another no recipe recipe. One night I really wanted to make something but had nothing in my kitchen, but peanuts. So I decided to just go for it! So...
In my pan, I put a half stick of butter, chopped up peanuts, some almonds as well and sugar, milk and brown sugar. I also added in a dash of nutmeg for a holiday taste.

I'd give you the measurements, but as this was an experiment for me, I kept adding things to figure out the consistency if it would harden. And unfortunately it did not (unless I froze it).
I have made a caramel sauce that hardens before and it takes a little while to get it at it's soft ball stage, which usually consists of letting the sugars and cream boil and mix for a long while. I guess I may have run out of patience. In any case, I am going to try this again and come back with a working recipe!

Though I do love experimenting, but sometimes you just have to figure out why something didn't turn out right...

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